2008 Ford Escape Owners Manual

2008 Ford Escape Owners Manual –┬áThe Ford Escape has become carefully up-to-date for 2008, strengthening the personality and appeal which have caused it to be America’s perennial best-marketing little sport-utility vehicle. The changes nearly deal with the array and inject new levels of refinement. The Escape’s standard security features are improved considerably for 2008.

We’d phone the Escape a little truck between modest Sports utility vehicles. Its new design purposely invokes Ford’s bigger, truck-structured Expedition and Explorer sport-utilities. Escape’s drive size and seat placement are a little more than competition this sort of as the Honda CR-V, and it can tow around 3,500 weight, which is significantly more than the majority of vehicles in the class.

2007 Ford Escape

2007 Ford Escape

However, the Ford Escape continue to deliver the advantages of unit-body, car-based competitors, these kinds of as the Honda CR-V. It’s smooth journey and nimble dealing with the result of pleasant driving a vehicle and its compact dimensions make the Escape easy to park.

The base four-cylinder is adequate for many-objective traveling although the V6 gives quicker acceleration performance. All versions, which include the V6 and Escape Hybrid, deliver some of finest EPA mileage ratings in the class. All, such as the petrol-electric Hybrid, are provided with the sometimes top- or all-wheel drive. For the most part, the Hybrid pushes just like a conventional petrol-only Escape. It’s a properly accomplished package. It offers better fuel economy and lower pollutants but needs very little additional work or expertise from the driver.

The new 2008 Ford Escape nonetheless supplies cozy seating for four, or five in a crunch, although with noticeably more headroom when compared to pre-2008 models. Collapsable the rear car seats starts a great size cargo place with a flat ground, and space powering the chair surpasses that in the trunk of the standard sedan. Interior storage space options have improved substantially. The complete is much more trendy and pleasing, and feature function and switches are among the best.

Security features that were extra-price alternatives on reduced-clip models are now regular throughout the board, such as Ford’s Roll Balance Control system. Escape now units the class benchmark for safety features.

There’s a Ford Escape model for the majority of choices and requires. They range from a decently prepared, four-cylinder Escape XLS 2WD for under $19,000 to the natural leather-upholstered Escape V6 Constrained 4WD, with premium music, navigation, two-region auto climate management and opposite sensing for around $30,000. Dollar for a feature, Ford Escape prices have decreased the prior few years noticeably. The premium for the Escape Hybrid also has diminished. It’s now under $2,000 more than a comparably equipped Minimal.

The Ford Escape stays one of the most attractive vehicles in its class, no matter of price, and certainly one of the much better beliefs. Those buying a small SUV need to place it on their short collection, in particular, those who enjoy its major-truck styling.

The 2008 Ford Escape has become re-designed more thoroughly than a swift look might recommend. Not one of its top body panels are present with prior models, but the redesign is evolutionary, and the most noticeable changes are in the particulars, or precious jewelry, as makers contact them. In an impressionistic way, the new Escape can look familiarized to people who have owned or operated earlier Escapes, or those that focus on what others drive.

As these kinds of, the new Escape has the air flow of a conventional, truck-dependent SUV, with a lot more durable appearance than many other tiny, sedan-platform sport-resources these kinds of as the Honda CR-V. First of all, Escape sits a little beyond several rivals (8.1 ins of terrain clearance), and its design improves the excellent user profile.

The new grille seems like it was built for a truck. The front lights are mostly attached to the grille and molded to make a loved one’s resemblance with Ford’s Benefit crossover SUV. However, the grille by itself is taller and toned and stacked right on leading of a skid platter-type fascia that flows beneath the bumper. Escape’s beltline, or the crease that works just under the Microsoft Windows, is high, way too, and its rooftop pillars are blacked out. The taillights have a crystal clear band that wraps close to the rear sides. The reduced bumpers and rocker individual panels are now painted to fit the body on all models, rather than molded in a matte accomplish. In total, the result is cleaner plus more polished than previous models, and it’s all very attractive.

The trim amounts are easy to distinguish from the top of the car. The base Escape XLS has a stainless grille and body-shaded fascia from the bumper down. The XLT is similar, aside from well-known fog lighting in the front side fender. The Constrained and Crossbreed have grilles colored to match the body, except when you choose the Chrome Appearance Package. This contributes the chrome grille and more, with brightwork flowing into the skid platter and fender. It looks like a huge, sparkly T on the front side of the vehicle.

2008 Ford Escape Photos

2008 Ford Escape Photos

Some changes to the new Escape are efficient more than artistic. The aspect decorative mirrors are greater than just before, but Ford boasts their shape creates much less disturbance as air flow rates of speed above them. The roof, also, is designed to reduce interior noise. Recessed stations jogging its length are meant to move oxygen a lot more gently over the surface area. Horizontal ribs below the solar panel add composition, which boundaries flex in the metallic and lowers flourishing disturbance within at great speeds.

We’re happy of a husband and wife of features in the rear of the Escape. A new move mat on the fender provides protected footing for anybody who techniques as much as set anything on the roof top holder, and the two-item tail gate is helpful. The rear cup can be popped wide open with the key fob, so falling small items like a fitness center traveling bag into the freight region is easier than it could be with a bit of competition, which need hefting the entire gate up.

The 2008 Ford Escape interior is all new, and we like it. It’s not significantly roomier or a hop forwards in design, but it’s properly thought out and properly accomplished. It’s a definite improvement in ergonomic operate and all round looks, and yes it makes a nicer place to hang out.

This is one of Ford’s best interiors in years in conditions of the feel and look of materials used. The headliner is plush and shaped to the curve of the roof. Our Escape Minimal had thick, tautly personalized leather-based on the chairs and sturdy, lustrous black color plastic where you may anticipate fake wood or steel. It checked like the lacquered accomplish on an okay piano. The satiny black colored or gold used in lower cut levels isn’t awful, sometimes. Nevertheless, the showcase is a woven-seem, rubber clip on the dash and unit. It seemed sporty and designed for a more pricey car. The lowlight is the grained plastic material on the door panels, which believes hard and appears cheap. The good news is, it’s not enough to overpower the good things somewhere else.

The Escape features upholstery cloth made out of 100-percentage reused fabric. You’d in no way know by its appearance or feel, and Ford statements that in comparison to covers made out of virgin fibers, creation will save about 600,000 gallons of water and seven million kilowatt hrs of electricity yearly, lowering co2 pollutants by 1.8 thousand weight.

Escape’s front car seats have sufficient cush to avoid numbing and enough assist to low restriction energy while in much longer drives. Total, although, the car seats are smaller than those in a greater sports power. Car owners with critical structures may find them modest. There’s no abundance of side bolstering, but which make it easier to glide into the seating, and there’s adequate to keep residents solidly into position while in the driving a vehicle a standard Escape operator is very likely to perform.

The gauges are clustered in a shaded binnacle that can be ingested in a look: Tachometer still left, speedometer right, with energy and coolant temperature in the midsection, as well as an easy-to-study trip- and solutions-info show. We loved this, mainly because it involves a food list that enables the motorist to quickly cycle by way of and change functions these kinds of as headlight-off of delay and auto-sealing.

The 2008 Ford Escape is truckish as the current crop of small sport utility vehicles go, but not in a terrible way. Its ride level and sitting situation are higher than a lot of unit-body (sedan type) tools, however, lower than numerous standard truck-centered Sports utility vehicles.

The Escape is very pleasurable to drive. It manages well and contains a business, comfy ride, without the roly-poly mush sound quality or the jarring suspensions clanks that may define conventional truck-centered Sports utility vehicles with large, off-road auto tires and very long-travel suspensions. Some enhancements for 2008, including a power energy steering system and changes in revocation tuning, increase the levels of refinement above previous Escapes.

Engines in the new 2008 model are a carryover from the previous era, but all are sound performing artists. Equally, the four- and six-cylinder engine provide excellent reply and decent acceleration. The Escape Crossbreed produces the same performance, with hardly any to provide apart its hybrid powertrain other than increased miles. Certainly, all Escape models, from front-wheel-drive four-cylinders to all-wheel-drive V6s to the Crossbreed, get some of the finest EPA mileage ratings in the class (Be sure to examine distance scores according to the same model year. The EPA altered its calculations formula for 2008 to reflect one thing even closer to genuine-planet final results, which minimized the ratings for 2008 models).

The base 2.3-liter four-cylinder delivers excellent potential at higher revs for many who like to wind flow it and respectable torque for acceleration when you require it at any speed. With an equilibrium shaft to counteract vibration, it’s also easier than some of Ford’s past four-cylinder engines. We choose the 153-hp four-cylinder with the five-speed handbook transmission; without a doubt, a front-drive, manual Escape XLS 2WD could be the most engaging and pleasant model to drive. In an EPA-calculated 22/28 mpg City/Highway, it offers one of the top EPA mileage scores of any low-crossbreed SUV. With the four-cylinder, the highest towing potential is 1,500 lbs, sufficient for grime motorbikes or a snowmobile.

The 3.0-liter V6 engine delivers 200 horse power for stronger acceleration. It provides about as much torque as any little SUV is prone to need to have. It’s offered just with the several-rate automated, but its strength group is extensive. In everyday driving a vehicle, it never lugs, strains or feels as if it’s out of breathing. And with the optional Class II towing package, the V6 AWD models can pull a significant 3,500 weight, which surpasses most vehicles within this class. Neither of them the four-cylinder nor V6 powertrain is the smoothest in modest Sports utility vehicles, but neither of them is study course adequate to detract from Escape’s attractiveness significantly.

Our gripe in the driveline is the several-velocity automatic, and it’s not simply because some competition now provides 5-rates of speed. When the Escape automatic shifts quickly, it sometimes changes gradually, in this it seems like to adopt its time determining what products it desires to stay in. Specifically, it’s quite reluctant to shift by itself into first gear, which will provide the fastest acceleration. When rolling out of a parking area onto an occupied highway, by way of example, the transmission will continue to be in next gear when you strike the fuel, even if initially is far better for the targeted traffic problems. That’s our most significant problem about Escape’s overall performance, and its relevance depends on how you drive.

2008 Ford Escape Owners Manual