2007 Honda Ridgeline Owners Manual

2007 Honda Ridgeline Owners Manual – The Honda Ridgeline is much more closely a mid-size pickup than a total size, but it’s like no other truck offered. It vies for the title of most innovative pickup.

Think of Honda’s best qualities, then uses those to a pickup truck. We mean attributes like refinement, in shape-and-accomplish and creativity the Honda way. The Ridgeline functions an easy-to-attain, sealing storage space box less than its bed furniture that not any other pickup can go with. Other companies have been constructing trucks for 100 years, and nothing of them possessed believed to try this storage space system.

2007 Honda Ridgeline

2007 Honda Ridgeline

The differences involving Ridgeline plus more standard pickups go all the strategy to the primary. Ridgeline is the first traditional truck with entirely self-sufficient rear revocation, which boosts trip high quality noticeably. Other pickup trucks have been built with an individual nasal area section, cab segment, and freight mattress bolted to a different ladder structure. Honda’s vehicle employs both a one-item unibody and a metallic ladder structure, welded together. Its cab and your bed are created as one bit, with independent subframes for the engine, front side suspension, and rear suspensions. Honda promises Ridgeline is 20 times more resistant to twisting than almost every other pickup truck, and 3.5 periods a lot more immune to bending.

We can’t endorse individuals figures, but we promise you that the Ridgeline is one of the nicest pickups we’ve driven, calculated by ease and comfort of use. It’s smooth, quiet and very maneuverable, with a weight of valuable characteristics. Although it can’t do the job of some full-sizing pickups, its 1550-lb payload, and 5000-lb towing capacity are more than enough for most customers.

For 2007, Honda brings out the importance-valued Ridgeline RTX model, which provides popular products these kinds of as alloy wheels and a trailer hitch for a nominal price improve in comparison with the base RT model. At the high end of the range, the 2007 Ridgeline RTL contributes a strength moonroof and XM Satellite Stereo as standard devices.

The Honda Ridgeline doesn’t appear or act like any other pickup truck we’ve powered, plus it shouldn’t charge an left arm and a lower body to own or work. This makes fun, cozy daily traveling, and it’s as very much pickup as several car owners will ever require.

What’s New for 2007: In its second year of manufacturing, the Honda Ridgeline receives some changes to its toned deals, such as the launch of a new RTX model ($28,300). Beyond products incorporated with the base RT model, the Ridgeline RTX provides a standard trailers hitch, gray-coloured alloy tires, an accessory grille and body tinted front door handles. Furthermore, XM Satellite Fm radio equipment and a power moonroof are now standard on Ridgeline RTL.

The Ridgeline is purchased in four distinct cut levels, with each model incorporating a lot more standard gear. Pursuing Honda’s new exercise, there are no exterior badges to differentiate models.

All Ridgelines are powered by a 3.5-liter V6 engine, creating 247 horsepower, with a five-pace automatic transmission and Honda’s VTM-4 all-wheel-drive system. This full-time all-wheel-drive proportions 60 percent of the power to the front side tires, however, if conditions indicate it will immediately deliver as a lot as 70 percentage of the engine torque to the rear wheels. Ridgeline also includes a minimal slide differential with lock feature.

The Ridgeline RT ($27,800) is the base model. It comes familiar with black colored bumpers; dark entrance takes care of and steel wheels, personally run first side chairs, air-con, potential home windows and dresses, cruise trip management and a 100-watt, a six-loudspeaker stereo system with Disc.

The Ridgeline RTS ($30,275) brings decorated bumpers, power front car seats with lumbar guide help, a160-watt, six-presenter stereo with half a dozen-Compact disc changer and dual-zone automatic environment manage.

The RTL ($32,940) adds still more regular characteristics, which include leather-based covers, a strength Moonroof, and XM Satellite Fm radio components. The RTL may be designed with Ridgeline’s only manufacturing facility put in option: Honda’s DVD-dependent menu system with a sound acknowledgment ($1,550). There are also dozens of dealer set up components designed for all Ridgeline models.

Safety equipment is thorough. It provides multiple-period top airbags and part-impact safety bags for senior passengers, front, and rear area curtain safety bags for brain protection and Latches child-seating anchors for the three rear seating. Contra –lock brakes, grip handle, vehicle stableness aid and a wheel-tension keeping track of system are also regular.

What’s New for 2007: Some new outside shades. These are Aberdeen Natural Metal, Nimbus Grey Metallic, Dark Cherry Pearl and Official Black.

2007 Honda Ridgeline Photos

2007 Honda Ridgeline Photos

The Honda Ridgeline’s originality starts with its look. With pickups, you need to have a cab and a cargo pack, so form to a substantial extent comes after operate. But Ridgeline doesn’t appearance very like any pickup before it, whether it’s from America or Japan. The grille, the front end, the cab condition, the buttresses coming straight down away from the rear of the roof to sign up with the incorporated pick up your bed, all have been purposefully created to differ, and various might be excellent or bad. The design is not our personal Ridgeline attribute.

Ridgeline’s front-end tells many people of the Honda Aspect SUV, only a lot more huge. The general grille appearance like a classic tv antenna, but a solution looking antenna arrives on the RTX model and is accessible as an accent from Honda sellers.

Ridgeline’s information reveals lots of steel sculpting from finish to end that traditional pickup trucks with free beds don’t have.

Ridgeline’s cargo your bed is manufactured of metal-reinforced SMC plastic material, not stainless steel with a sprayed-on or slipped in a liner. The bed is five ft lengthy with the tailgate up, and 6 and a half feet long with the tailgate straight down, enabling it to handle two debris bikes or a large ATV. A tubular lightweight aluminum cargo bed furniture extender is readily available for longer loads. There are several massive keeping chocks, one in every single area of the bed, to aid protect large parts of cargo.

The two-way tailgate is unusual, but it works great. It will drop lower in typical fashion, top rated to the base, and also, it opens a front door, from directly to remaining. There’s a secret latch on the lower relevant part and hinges on the left, so end users don’t have to slim over the tailgate to keep or retrieve items in your bed or the storage space trunk area. A conventional cable retains the tailgate on the kept and a patented, invisible retainer on the proper.

The storage trunk, even more than the tailgate, separates Ridgeline for other pickups. This covered, closed and lockable storage space bin beneath the bed performs the like the trunk in a sedan. It includes 8.5 cubic feet of secure safe-keeping, which as outlined by Honda is enough area for a 72-quart chillier or three collections of golf night clubs. The small freewheel mounts ahead of the safe-keeping trunk area a moving, locking dish. The trunk area is even equipped with a strain plug for those situations when ice transforms into regular water, or when built up crud needs to be hosed out.

What’s New for 2007: All Ridgelines now feature an illuminated vanity looking glass for the motorist. The improve leather material interior is a single color, as opposed to contrasting two-sculpt. The higher-cut RTL now arrives regularly with a power moonroof and XM Satellite Radio computer hardware.

On the inside, the Ridgeline gives a lot convenience, room, and ease as any fifty percent-ton pickup readily available. Container chairs appear familiar in front with a middle console. We discovered the car owner and front traveler heads to be spacious, comfy and helpful, with a lot of adjustment range for the lake and traveling.

Those who have owned a late model Honda, or perhaps spent the right time relaxing in the Pilot or Component SUVs, will sense informed about the structure inside the Ridgeline. We mean things these kinds of as high, even seams throughout, top quality soft plastics, convenient move placement and fat, quickly understandable tool visuals. The large, increased pull wedding rings all around Ridgeline’s doorway-release levers are one of a kind and great. They’re undoubtedly lucky for hefting the doors close.

Honda’s optional the navigation system, with its DVD info base and 8-inches display screen, is a paradigm for dimensions, brightness, distinction and all round simplicity of use. The speech orders work nicely; alternately, the choices are easy, efficient and straightforward to understand. However in the Ridgeline, one of our handful of gripes applies to the screen’s location. It’s off of center a tad toward the front person, and flat, so in a few light in can be challenging for the driver to learn. He or she must almost slim sideways to the heart of the vehicle for a better appear.

Even though the Ridgeline’s rear doorways are shorter than the fronts, consistent exercise within this segment, no worries are getting into or out, and the rear seating is nearly as roomy and flexible as those who are at the entrance. It’s, in fact, comfy for two grown-ups, with a 24-level backrest position, much more like a front seating. A 6-ft. Guy car owner can fit powering them in the back chair with affordable lower leg space and joint space.

2007 Honda Ridgeline Owners Manual