2004 Honda Civic Owners Manual

2004 Honda Civic Owners Manual –┬áThe Honda Civic Crossbreed, the very first mainstream vehicle available in North America equipped with a gas-electric hybrid powertrain, now consists of enhanced normal devices and a new entrance and rear style for 2004.

2004 Honda Civic

2004 Honda Civic

Like the 2004 Civic Sedan, the Civic Crossbreed sports an aggressive new appearance. Contributing to the sleeker, far more aggressive seem are new top and rear fascias, hood, top grille, and headlights.

Improved content is also apparent pretty much everywhere your appearance inside of the 2004 Civic Crossbreed. But the genuine tale right behind buying a hybrid is having the capability to push for longer than 600 miles on a single tank of fuel.

The Civic Crossbreed CVT (Continually Factor Transmission) makes an EPA city/freeway ranking of 48/47 mpg, although models equipped with a 5-rate guide transmission accomplish a city/highway score of 46/51 miles per gallon.

With gas costs proceeding up and down like a curler coaster, owning a vehicle like the Civic Hybrid will certainly reduce your travels to the pump and let you save or commit your hard earned dollars on other items.

The Civic Crossbreed utilizes Honda’s innovative Integrated Motor Support (IMA) hybrid program, using a 1.3-liter i-DSI (Double and Sequential Ignition) 4-tube gasoline engine in conjunction with an internal substantial-output electronic motor/power generator to deliver excellent performance and gas effectiveness.

The system’s compact nickel-metal hydride battery element is instantly recharged during braking and deceleration.

Further, more boosting efficiency are a “nonproductive cease” system that powers off of the engine when the vehicle is discontinued, and a tube idling process that briefly powers off about three of the engine’s 4 cylinders when the vehicle is reducing or coasting. This leads to reduced engine moving loss and increased regenerative braking productivity.

The Civic Hybrid’s IMA powertrain provides up to 93 horsepower and 116 lb-feet of torque with the electric motor “aid.” Gas economy is enhanced by almost 44 percentage in comparison with a Civic LX Sedan.

The Civic Hybrid is available equipped with an extended list of common characteristics which include potential house windows, entrance hair and mirrors; cruise handle; Immobilizer contra –robbery system; twin period, double-threshold vehicle driver and front traveler air flow hand bags; and a lean steering wheel.

A thin, but the effective electric powered motor is sandwiched in between the 1.3-liter gasoline engine and transmission.

The IMA process essentially “recycles” energy that would otherwise be misplaced during braking and utilizes that strength for velocity at a later on time.

During velocity and other periods of weighty engine fill, the electric motor “aids” the fuel engine by providing extra torque contributing to better acceleration without reducing gas economy.

At sailing rates of speed when engine fill is decreased, the motor help process lets the ultra-productive gas engine sustain the vehicle’s speed. In the course of deceleration, the electric motor gets an electrical generator and changes electricity into electricity (regenerative braking). Which means you don’t need to bother about recharging the electric batteries, it’s done automatically.

Our Civic Crossbreed tester arrived designed with a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT). With a CVT, the motorist feels no shift details.

Velocity isn’t impressive, but it’s not bad, possibly; especially when you look at the buy and sell-away from, gas economy.

Driving a crossbreed is a little bit different as you feel an honest quantity of engine braking as soon as you lift your foot from the accelerator pedal. Also, there’s a bit more engine reluctance during the first velocity.

2004 Honda Civic Photos

2004 Honda Civic Photos

After you become accustomed to these small idiosyncrasies in driving a hybrid, and you see the unbelievable figures from the fast fuel economy measure, the quirkiness gets a lot less objectionable.

Our Civic Hybrid tester changed the way my co-tester and I drove. We had been so set on experiencing huge figures on the quick gas economy measure which we increased with a lot less forcefulness and coasted as much as probable while drawing near ceased traffic.

General, we appreciated our Civic Hybrid tester. The roomy internal characteristics premium car seats and numerous high end features these kinds of as cruise handle, energy Microsoft windows, exclusive lit musical instrument board m, an automated cooling and heating process, and a high-strength AM/FM/Compact Disc audio system.

2004 Honda Civic Owners Manual